Friday, December 10, 2010

Wish a wish a wish a wish, wish wish!

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November...DECEMBER!

Consist of
Eleven months of happiness,
Eleven months of trials,
Eleven months of ups and downs,
Eleven months of mixed emotions,
After eleven months of waiting,
Once again, Holiday Season is fast approaching..

Isn’t great to feel that we’ve almost end the year 2010?
Lots of people to thank with, for the precious moments,
Most of all our Dear God, for the continuous blessings
Back then, when I was a kid, my mom kept on reminding me, to write all my wishes in a piece of paper and left it under the Christmas tree cause Santa might visit our home and get my wish list for Christmas.
So ridiculous, I remember I wrote same wishes every year! Hahaha! And it was all granted yearly! Hahaha!

But Hey! Have you listed your wish list for Christmas 2010?
Well, I’m done with it! ;)

Below is my Top 10 List of Wishes:
(I didn’t reveal all, but I want to publish some, it might granted by YOU! Yes, Y.O.U)

1.)    Huggable Teddy (at Robinson Php300.00)

2.)    Nokia C3 phone (nokia store)

3.)    Hotdog Pillow (blue magic)

4.)    Bag Holder (landmark)

5.)    Dress (S/M)

6.)    Shoes (6 or 7)

7.)    Coffee Mug / tumbler ( starbucks)

8.)    Planner for 2011 (starbucks)

9.)    Lucky Charm Accessories (China town)

10.)    BOYFRIEND (elsewhere!LOL)

Enough! Hahaha!
Oh, Santa.. Please grant all those wishes one day.. I’ve been a good girl for the past eleven months.. LOL!:D
You? where is your  wish list? I suggest you must also publish, it might granted by someone out there :)


  1. Whaaaa.. naunahan mo ko magpost ng wigh list. ginagawa ko na yung sakin. talagang hindi mawawala ang boyfriend ahh... on going naba ang hiring? hahaha. akin nalang yung number 2 wish mo.

  2. whahaha kailangan kasama si bf hehehe :D
    pude ako na lang hehe :D joke

  3. @atvin: yehey! sponsor mo ba arvin ung number 2 ko? ;) oo last november pa nag hiring hahaha :))
    @axl: uu dapat lang axl, para di ako kasali sa SMP! hahaha! 2 weeks nlng, xmas na..tsktsk :D

  4. naman... my gnun??.. ^_^
    oh dami na pla magaapply, kasali ba ako jan??.. toinkz.. ^_^

  5. hahaha! thanks brye for dropping by, kahit napilitan ka lng..hahaha :))
    its your choice if gusto mo sumali :P