Thursday, December 9, 2010

Express of Gratitude

This is it, my first blog entry. Finally, after a couple of weeks idle on my site due to some activities wasn’t able to publish anything, shame on my part! Hahaha! Creating my own blog is not intentionally, I was just force to have one by Mr. Arvin Vicente (kulit kasi ng taong to) hahaha! According to him, its fun to have your own blog, you can able to share your ideas and experience to others, might as well be able to relate to your situation and so on. I have also a pal whose writing blog several years from now, special mention to Mr. Axl Guinto, official blogger, kept on buzzing me his site and ask to drop some comments. Hahaha peace bro! ;) I enjoyed reading his blog entry anyway. Yeah, so this is it! So excited to drop my first entry! Yehey! Honestly, I don’t know how to start with, what will be my topic, what if no one will read my non sense writings, will I impart some ideas with others, how many will follow my blog site…waaah! Lots of mind boggling! But, I’ll give it a try, as much as I can. This is not an informative entry yet just to give thanks to these two people who encouraged me to sit back and hit that keyboard! ;)


  1. wow special mention ako. Dumugo ang ilong ko ahh..ENGLISH!

    Mas ok magblog kesa FB. Nakakasawa na kaya FB. Sa blog bago lagi mga story. Makakarelate kapa... Keep it up!

  2. sakit sa bangs... nosebleed hehehe... welcome to the blog world... i hope you enjoy it.. thanks for mentioning my name... heheh sana naman my link hehhe :D

    tama kakasawa na ang fb puro stats msg lang naman dun.. walang bago hehehe :D

  3. @arvin: syempre, pabungad bro! :)
    1 month ko kaya construct yang paragraph na yan! hahaha, anyway, thanks for the encouragement ;)
    tulad nian, 2 lang kaung followers ko...hhmp! hahaha, eventually dadami din i wish! :D
    @axL: bro, pakilala mo rin ako sa ibang tropapeeps mo d2 sa blog site :) cenxa naman di ko nalagyan ng link, next entry meron na ;)