Monday, December 13, 2010

Rooster's Mass


This week, it’s about to start. In Spanish it was called as the Misa de Gallo, phrase Midnight Mass, more literally translated as "Rooster's Mass". 

Why is it called as the Rooster’s Mass? Based on what I have read, it owes to the idea that a rooster would have been among the first to witness the birth of Jesus, and thus be the one to announce it. The prayer is done early morning on Christmas Eve, and it is the last day of a nine-day (December 16 to December 24) ritual known as Simbang Gabi. Completing the nine days culminating with the Misa de Gallo is equal to a wish come true, and many Filipinos believe this centuries-old promise to this day. Even I do believe on this, so I want to complete the whole simbang gabi 2010 as much as I can. Wishing that one day all my wishes will come true. But not only that, for me it’s a night of sacrifice for Jesus. Patiently waiting for the coming of the Messiah. 

And of course what completes the Rooster’s Mass is the selling of traditional Filipino food, such as  

puto bumbong (a purple colored rice pastry, seasoned with grated-coconut and brown sugar),

tsokolate (a hot chocolate drink),   

bibingka (flour and egg cakes cooked on top and under),  

hot pandesal  

and salabat, or ginger tea, 

which are sold by vendors to the faithful outside churches.

I am so excited for the Dawn Mass this Thursday. I will be at Don Bosco Church Makati City
See you there!:)


  1. first time hir , at nagutom agad ako, :)

  2. hi adang! thanks for dropping by :)
    yah, im so excited for the rooster's mass, sa thursday na un ;)

  3. dama na ang pasko.. malapit na din ang simbang gabi yeabah :D

  4. uu nga bro, parang di pa nag sisink sakin, next week na pala ang xmas! :D

  5. Dito nga sa opis puro xmas song na pinakikingan ko... excited nako for xmas. bukod sa kumain. ikaw km! wag kana kumain magdiet kana.

  6. RULE # 1: Holiday Season - No room for DIET
    hahahaha! sarap ng pagkain bro, until New Year na to...yummy! hahaha :))

  7. Nakakagutom ang entry na to. :)

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    Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)